Public sector

The public sector are a part of the economy that comprises of public services and public enterprises. The public services can be public goods and governmental services such as the military, police, infrastructure, public transit, public education, along with health care and government workers such as elected officials. The public sector provides services including a non-payer, services which benefit all of society rather than just the individual who uses the service.

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What's Involved?

Grievance Redress Mechanism is part and parcel of the machinery of any administration. No administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user-friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism. In fact, the grievance redress mechanism of an organization is the gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it provides important feedback on the working of the administration.

Complaints can be made by the pubic either directly by registering them on the website, or by making a call to the State Level Call Center, or by any other method, including meeting officers personally, sending letters, e-mails or posting on social network or faxes etc. The mode of making a complaint is called a complaint source. All this data enters into grievance management system and the grievance Redress process starts. The main challenge here is to enter the data manually and consumes lot of time.

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How you will Benefit

  • Job Safety: In the public sector, steadiness of the job is confirmed and they have the permanence of government backing.

  • Work Environment: The work environment in the public sector jobs is less demanding than the private sector.

  • Flexibility: Working hours are flexible in government organizations. Part-time jobs and job sharing can be also found in the public sector.

  • Employees Training: Employees are often encouraged to develop or improve their skills after they attend the training programs that helps their career opportunities.