Lean Integrated, Intelligent Robotics Process Automation

ezBot is the industry’s first lean process incorporated with the RPA. ezBot reduces “Cycle time, monotonous process, and manual work”. It increases productivity and exterminates waste. Provides the lowest cost of ownership within a short span and these robots can work 24*7*365 days without break and they are equal to 2-5.

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ezBot, a lean integrated next gen automation tool is a simple but yet a powerful tool. ezBot reduces work area burdens with monotonous tasks and time consuming processes. This increases “Accuracy, Consistency, and Availability” and reduces manual intervention. Compatible and adaptable on any desktop apps and high ROI can be achieved. New levels of operational excellence can be achieved. ezBot is a complete solution for application integration and automating third-party applications, administrative IT tasks, and business IT processes. Workflow is the most important concept in eZbot.

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In today’s businesses, bots are trending as it is the next gen automated tool that increases productivity. Bots are the computer programs designed to work automatically and used to collect information to perform monotonous tasks. Bots quickens your business processes to operate at a high speed, minimizes manual errors / intervention, increases productivity, and minimizes the operational costs. Acquire the most from this application to increase quality and consistency. Bots are the third party application which runs inside wherein the users interact with bots through sending messages, commands and inline requests.

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We can robotize your process easily and rapidly wherein the new robots can be built and deployed on to your existing application based on the requirements. ezBot is the industry’s first lean integrated process that is incorporated with the RPA.

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Why ezBot

ezBot is a matured Robotic Automation which simplifies the way of automation and provides value added to the operating business environment. ezBot provides calibrated governance in the processes, reduces the human error factor while doing the jobs. ezBot is one of the latest technology wherein automation of a specific function takes place within an organization or business to capture and interpret the existing applications to “Process Transactions, Manipulate Data, Triggering Responses and Communicate with other systems”.

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